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About Us

Hey folks,

I am a Graduate of English literature with 3 years of experience in the WordPress, SEO  and Blog Content Writing industry. Also, I possess the expertise to craft compelling graphics essential for the content. With my SEO Expertise and writing skills, I have successfully ranked several blogs of on Google’s first page. Recently, I have worked for two professionals, Kripesh Adwani, a WordPress Influencer, and a WordPress Gutenberg plugin provider company known as Affiliate Booster.

I’m an English graduate from Katwa College, currently pursuing my M.A. in English at Burdwan University, West Bengal. My journey into the online world began post-graduation in 2021, as I delved into different avenues seeking my passion.

Starting with web development basics like HTML and CSS, I soon realized coding wasn’t my forte. That’s when I stumbled upon content writing, a realm that instantly captivated me.

Being an avid reader of English literature throughout college, blogging felt like a natural progression. Drawing from my love for literature and years of diary writing, I decided to launch

With a shared hosting plan from HOSTARMADA and a knack for WordPress customization, I curated a niche focusing on building websites with WordPress CMS. With meticulous SEO strategies and keyword research, I’ve published 30 blog posts, 7 of which grace Google’s first page, with 3 securing top-three positions.

This success paved the way for collaborations with seasoned digital marketers. To date, I’ve crafted over 95 articles on diverse topics, honing my skills and expanding my network. Here are my clients:

Don’t forget to visit my portfolio: