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Unbiased MilesWeb Hosting [Review] 2022: Do They Worth Every Penny?

MilesWeb Hosting Review. 1 MilesWeb Hosting Review. 1

Are you searching for budget-friendly hosting to start your blog or website?

There are unlimited hosting companies, from affordable to cheap, but choosing a perfect one is a hard job when you have less experience and investment.

But don’t worry, it is going to be the end of your struggle.

In this guide, we are going to discuss an authentic, affordable hosting platform that will boost your online business journey.

Here, we are going to talk about MilesWeb hosting, an economical hosting that provides unlimited features to build your website without any hassle.

Who Owns MilesWeb?

The founder of MilesWeb are Chinmay Dingore, Deepak Kori, Chinmaya Mahale.

They are skillful, all-rounders in business strategy when it comes to marketing.

Before starting their web hosting business, they worked on different high-profile projects. 

They attend seminar conference workshops as a speaker and also have years of experience in hosting technologies.

Henceforth, they are geniuses at problem-solving through critical analysis.

Why is MilesWeb Web Hosting Gaining More Popularity?

Milesweb started its hosting service in 2012. After that, they are on the path to success, because of their multifeatured hosting service along with fast customer service.

Why can MilesWeb be a good option for web hosting?

Every new website owner or blogger wants to purchase hosting at a cheap price.

At the time, this hosting company takes charge, they offer plans, particularly for Indian bloggers.

In fact, it will be the best decision if you create a WordPress blog or website with this web hosting company.

They provide domain name, SSL certificate, and all types of hosting like WordPress hosting shared hosting, dedicated server, reseller hosting, windows VPS hosting, AWS cloud, and g suite plans. 

Having 10 years of experience as a web hosting company, they have become one of the trusted online companies that have got around 40,000 clients, and more than 20,000 domains have been registered till now.

Features of MilesWeb 

Before purchasing anything, you must look at the value you are going to get, whether it is hosting or any digital, physical product. Let’s look at the key features you are going to get

  1. You can host unlimited websites.
  2. Unlimited SSD disk space.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth.
  4. Free domain with free SSL.
  5. Free site backup.
  6. Ultra-secure.
  7. They have Asia’s largest data center.
  8. cPanel plus one-click installer
  9. WordPress optimized.
  10. Unlimited email accounts.
  11. Unlimited my SQL databases.
  12. 24/7 customer support.
  13. 99.95% UPTIME.
  14. FREE website MIGRATION.
  15. 7 days free trial on a dedicated server with zero payment.
  16. Provide eCommerce, Woocommerce web hosting.
  17. National to international payment method support
  18. Trusted by Google, Trustpilot.
  19. Provide reseller hosting.
  20. Live chat support.
  21. Offers affiliate programs.
  22. 10 years of experience.
  23. Provide video tutorials and blogs for beginners.
  24. Developer friendly.
  25. They send invoices to your customers after payment through WHMCS.

Let’s discuss those reasons why you should go for miles web hosting

Here are 14 reasons.

1. Local Hosting Company :

milesweb speed test

This company is headquartered in India. Being a local company, they know the requirements and needs of every customer. They know there are so many skillful and passionate entrepreneurs in this country 

To make our business flourish and successful, they offer a top-rated web host with tons of features such as free domain, free SSL, one-click CMS installations, enough bandwidth and storage, branded email, etc

According to them, their strengths lie in the super first technology.

2. Free Domain:

Let’s say you have paid for your hosting. Now, you require a domain. You have to pay for that separately. 

That’s not fair. Even it takes more technical work to connect your domain to the hosting nameservers, create an SSL certificate.

Moreover, all these things normally waste your productive hours.

Generally speaking, there are several companies on the Internet that provide free domains.

However, the time span is only one year.

After that, you have to pay for it.

But, this company is not. They provide a free domain forever till you use their hosting, meaning you will be saving approx 1000 Indian rupees each year till you are with them.

Take note to get the free domain you have to purchase any plan for at least one year.

Best #WordPress #Shared Hosting For Bloggers In India. 🤗

3. Latest Technologies:

The world is changing. The market is changing conjointly.

Moreover, Technology is changing the whole online market.

When it comes to running a website smoothly, first, you need to choose a Web hosting company that provides Lite Speed, and the latest technologies.

As a customer, you will get the latest technologies like the newer PHP, the cutting edge protocols, compression algorithms like Brotli, HTTP/2. 

Learn More: YouStable: AS Indian Best Cheapest Hosting Provider For Bloggers? 

Collectively, all these latest technologies will make your website 10x faster than your competitors, which will give you tremendous advantages in terms of SEO ranking.

4. Experienced Company:

They have been providing hosting passionately since 2012.

In fact, they have served more than, 40000 clients around the world.

Not only that they have won the reliability and reputation from their customers as they are enabling every small to the big business owner to make their online businesses flourish.

With these decades of experience, they serve excellent web hosting services.

And it is going to be a game-changing decision if you go with them.

5. Easy Migration:

milesweb review quora

As a beginner, in online business, we make a big mistake of purchasing a fake web hosting company.

It wastes our money, productive hours.

The solution is choosing a committed hosting company.

They are dedicated to every customer and make sure your website loses zero data while migrating your entire website. 

Besides, they make your migration process a hassle-free journey at zero costs.

They let you preserve all your data i.e. folder, files, emails as it is, and you get zero downtime issues.

6. Local language Support:

You know how rapidly the blogger community is growing in India.

And, because of 4g, internet users are growing.

That is why people from villages to small-town areas want to present their business online.

In India, Not every business owner knows English properly. 

At the time, you need local language support. This company built a support crew who are multi-skilled, professional, and also knows India’s local languages like Hindi, Marathi.

Is a Milesweb hosting reselling business profitable or not?

Therefore, that is no reason not to choose this company due to lack of communication. They are the best at it. In fact, 24/7 available on email and live chat

7. Server Security:

In simple terms, the server is a computer that stores web server software, and web files such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

Normally, a web server is connected to the internet and promotes data exchange with other devices.

The basic purpose of the webserver is to store and process and deliver pages to the users, and this communication is done through HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

If your server is not secure, hackers can attack your server anytime, and steal all that sensitive data like login, password data, credit card information, etc.

But, you can peacefully run your website without any headache if you go with this company.

They take security very seriously, in fact, they have Tier-4 data centers in India that provide 24/7 security, high resilience, and prime speed.

8. Uptime:

Is MilesWeb better than Hostinger?

Uptime means when your server or website is up and available for the users, on the other hand, if your website is totally down and not available it is called downtime.

Having a robust server with world-class hardware and OS, this company deliver a 99.5% uptime along with security, performance, speed

As per the measurement, 99.999% is the perfect uptime.  But,99.5% is also good. They will definitely improve that in the future.

9. Money-back Guarantee:

Purchasing anything online always comes with risks.

When it comes to hosting, there are so many technical things that play a crucial role while managing a site like customer support, easy interface, managing server-related issues.

If you don’t feel comfortable with any hosting company, you can simply return their hosting as they provide a money-back guarantee.

Proudly, this company gives your money back In 30 days if you have any issues with them.

So, take no stress. It is 100% risk-free. Just give it a try today.

10. Data Centers:

Why should I choose MilesWeb reseller hosting?

You cannot choose any data center blindly assuming this is going to be the best data center unless or until you figure out where your targeted customers are.

First, find out if your customer is in Asia, North or South America, or in  Europe or belongs to Oceania. This company provides 6 data center options.

  1.  India.
  2.  UK.
  3.  Canada.
  4.  USA.
  5.  Singapore.
  6.  Australia.

Select any of these that are nearer to your audience.

11. WordPress Hosting:

WordPress is one of the best CMS (Content Management Systems), open-source software that lets you manage your website easily.

You can create any kind of website or blog with WordPress.

Solely, this hosting provider offers hosting for WordPress lovers. You can install it with just one click.

Not only that, but they support auto-updates of WordPress.

You don’t have to do anything manually.

Is MilesWeb hosting worth buying for WordPress?

WordPress. Com vs WordPress. Org

Here we are talking about You may get confused. So read this guide where we have explained why you should choose the .org platform. vs 

For building your WordPress site more effortlessly, they let you select variously verified, top-quality WordPress themes and plugins that make your site branded.

12. SSD Server:

Those days are gone when people used to wait until the page loads. If the pages took a long time to load, they would go to prepare coffee.

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Nowadays, if your web page takes more than 1 sec, it can create issues. Amazon loses approximately $1.5 Billion if their web page slows down for 1 second.

When it comes to the SEO factor, 50% of visitors will be gone in case your page load time is more than 3 sec. Moreover, your bounce-back rate gets incensed.

That is a total loss in SEO ranking.

All their hosting plans come with SSD features along with sufficient storage for your website’s requirements.

All in all, you will get high performance that is 2x better than your competitor.

Moreover, they provide SSD storage with WordPress hosting at a cheap price.

13. Branded Email:

Which is best free hosting company without any ad?

Without a branded email, you can’t make a branded website.

Unlike a normal Gmail, a branded email represents your website, increasing its brand value.

The best thing is that they provide unlimited email accounts for absolutely free with each WordPress hosting.

14. Access cPanel Easily:

Your website managing journey gets more effortless when you control it through the cPanel,  also called the control panel.

Through cPanel,  you can access your web files like themes, plugins, can install any CMS platform like WordPress, create and manage FTP accounts, email accounts, domain parking, and so on.

Guess what, choosing any of those plans, you will get cPanel. Additionally, they provide separate cPanel hosting.

15. Customer Support:

Can anyone share MilesWeb hosting review with their personal experience?

Being a local company, they give 24×7 support. So don’t worry about that.

MilesWeb Hosting Pricing:

Let’s look at the hosting price. 

Heads Up. Don’t purchase any #hosting without these features. 🤯

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is recommended for new website owners, bloggers, or those who just started a startup. Here, you will get speedy services, a free domain, and a free SSL certificate for a lifetime. 

It has three plans:

  1. Beginner.
  2. Geek.
  3. Techy.

Features: (few are depending on the plans)

  • You can host 1, 3 unlimited websites depending on the plans.
  • 30 GB to unlimited SSD space. 
  • Free domain.
  • Free SSL.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Website builder.
  • Tend to unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited MySQL database.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Live chat support.

Windows Shared Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting enables every customer to host websites built in ASP.NET, MYSQL, or WordPress, and manage it is easy with the control panel. 

It has 3 plans.

  • W-Solo.
  • W-Prime.
  • W-Muti.

Features (few features are depending on the plans)

  • Host 1 to Unlimited website.
  • Free domain(W-prime and W-multi).
  • Teen 2 unlimited email accounts.
  • Free SSL.
  • One-click app installer.
  • Windows Server 2019.
  • SQL database.
  • 24/7 support.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • 99.95% uptime.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is so renowned because of the popularity of the WordPress platform. Each company is coming with separate WordPress hosting plans.

This company has some amazing features.

WordPress Hosting has 3 plans

  • Beginner 
  • Geek. 
  • Techy.

Features (few features are depending on the plans)

  • 1, 3 to unlimited websites.
  • 30GB to unlimited SSD disk space.
  • Free domain.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free site backup.
  • Website builder.
  • 3 emails to unlimited email accounts.
  • MySQL database.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • C panel plus one-click installer.

cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting is easy to use and world-famous because of its user-friendly control panel from which you can install and manage any apps emails, or websites, and install apps from your laptop or desktop. 

It has 3 plans.

  • Beginner 
  • Geek. 
  • Techy.

Features (few features are depending on the plans)

  • 1, 3 to unlimited websites.
  • 30GB to unlimited SSD disk space.
  • Free domain.
  • Free SSL.
  • WordPress optimized.
  • Free site backup.
  • Website builder.
  • 3 emails to unlimited email accounts.
  • MySQL database.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cPanel + one-click installer.

Is MilesWeb the best to Buy Managed VPS hosting?

VPS is one of the best hostings they offer.

Virtual private servers are best for those website owners when your business starts rising and needs more storage, more bandwidth.

Don’t purchase any #hosting without these features. 🤯

They have10 different VPS hosting plans

  1. V1.
  2. V2
  3. V3.
  4. V4.
  5. V5.
  6. V6.
  7. V7.
  8. V8.
  9. V9.
  10. V10.

Also, they provide :

Dedicated Server

The dedicated servers they provide:

Cloud Hosting

Fully managed cloud hosting is best for resources heavy web projects.

They provide three Cloud hosting plans

  • C1.
  • C2.
  • C3.
  • C4.
Read More About: Cloud Hostings With Advantages and Disadvantages.

What Is A Review of Milesweb Reseller Hosting In India? Is It Good To Buy?

Reselling Hostings is the best business strategy in the web hosting business without investing a lot. There is only profit if you have a bit of experience in web hosting services.

In the world and also in India there are several reseller hosting companies.

But their reseller hosting plans offer the best support to every customer to make a good amount of money through reselling web hosting business.

They take total responsibility for making you profitable.

There are three types of Reseller Hostings Plans

Pros and Cons of Milesweb Hosting

How's Milesweb hosting in India in 2022?


Along with this company, there are also several web hosting companies in the world that also provide amazing features, but the things that we loved are

  • Multiple data centers around the world India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.
  • Lifetime free domain (.com) domain name when you sign up for the unlimited web hosting plans.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • You can directly call them in your local language.
  • Instant chat support through live chat, you can describe your problems with chat and uploading files.
  • Unlimited plans with any hosting type hosting unlike 2, 3 plans of other companies.
  •  They provide the exact plans you need, as they offer multiple features with multiple pricing. 


To be honest, there is hardly any difficulty or issue that you are going to get. But one concern is they charge extra for backup in a few plans.

Is MilesWeb A Reliable Hosting Platform And The Best In Performance?

If you are a blogger and want to target foreign countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

This hosting company will be best for you because they provide multiple services across the world at a cheap price.

Additionally, their reseller web hosting plans are also affordable you can start your own web hosting business

And, the best thing is that Google, Hostadvice, Trustpilot, HostReview give 4+ stars out of five. 

Why should I choose MilesWeb reseller hosting?

Notably, Some branded companies use their hostings like Mysore11, Dabur, SearchEngine Guru, Kotak, etc.

Milesweb vs Hostinger Is MilesWeb Better Than Hostinger? 

Hostinger is one of the best, upcoming, new hosting providers that are providing shared, VPS, dedicated hosting, at a decent price. The best option for new bloggers. 

Compared to this company, Hostinger also can be the best alternative.

How Does The Hosting Service MilesWeb Compare To Competitors Like GoDaddy And BigRock?

GoDaddy is known as a domain registrar, they are also providing Hosting, but most of the customers are not satisfied.

BigRcok is also a good option. They provide domain at an affordable, but the starter can’t afford it because they are a bit costly.

Compared to GoDaddy, this company is far better.

Milesweb vs Bluehost

Bluehost is WordPress recommended hosting company, they have been providing hosting since 2003. They are also the best hosting provider.

They offer every single hosting you need.

Learn More: How to Build A WordPress Website on Bluehost ?

Compared to Bluehost, they are equal. But Bluehost doesn’t offer local language support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Milesweb an Indian company?

They are a totally Indian-based hosting company. The founders and the whole team belong to India.

Does MilesWeb Have An Coupon Code?

Yes, They have. They provide coupon codes to get discounts. It also helps every MilesWeb Affiliate Marketer.

What is the cheapest way to start a website with MilesWeb hosting?

You can go with their shared hosting plans or WordPress hosting. They’re the cheapest and also compact, with multiple features.

How is MilesWeb hosting company in terms of speed? Is it more reliable than HostGator, Bluehost, and GoDaddy?

They offer SSD servers, enough Bandwidth, and RAM. And, their world-class tier 3 & 4 data centers will kick-start your website journey. So, we can proudly say this is the best Indian hosting company in terms of speed and reliability than other companies.

Is MilesWeb India’s One Of The Best Hosting?

Yes, they are. If you visit their web page, you can smell that, because their high range of hosting is filled with quality and features. Also, their pricing plans make them stand strong separately despite so much competition in the web hosting industry.

Which is the best shared or business hosting service?

MilesWeb, Hostinger, is the best. They are reliable and packed with features. Even they come at hand price.

Is Simply Miles Web the best web hosting company?

We would say yes. Of course. They present a high range of plans along with a low range. Particularly, their worldwide data centers and light-speed SSD server make them the best.


We have given a depth guide about this web hosting company.

Choosing any hosting company is not going to be that hard right now. Now it depends on you. So select one of them as per your need.

So when are you going to create a branded website?

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