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MilesWeb vs GoDaddy: Is MilesWeb Better Than GoDaddy? [Full Compassion] Of Plans?

GoDaddy vs MilesWeb GoDaddy vs MilesWeb

Are you looking for a detailed comparison between MilesWeb and GoDaddy web hosting companies?

Then, you don’t have to go anywhere because, in this guide, we are going to compare these two platforms with their features, customer support, and price.

Additionally, we will share an infographic to understand the differences more clearly.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Which One Should I Choose, MilesWeb Or GoDaddy?

MilesWeb and GoDaddy are one of the best hosting providers for building a website in India. 

Yes, they are one of the best reliable and trustworthy web hosting providers who provide hostings along with domain names at a cheap price that help every beginner, small business owner to start their online journey easily. 

Even, you don’t have to learn any coding. 

But, they are different when it comes to features they provide with the price.


MilesWeb vs GoDaddy shared hosting

MilesWeb is an Indian company which is in Nashik, Maharashtra.

As an Indian company, its main target is to provide hosting solutions to every small to mid-business owner to start their online journey.

As they are a local company, they provide customer support in local languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi.

MilesWeb Hostings Features:

  • WordPress hosting.
  • Windows Shared hosting.
  • cPanel hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • Windows VPS hosting.
  • Unmanaged Windows VPS.
  • Dedicated server India.
  • Linux dedicated server.
  • Windows dedicated server.
  • Managed cloud hosting.
  • Reseller hosting.
  • Domain.
  • SSL. 
  • Emails.


GoDaddy vs MilesWeb

GoDaddy is an American company situated in Arizona that normally is popular for providing amazing domain names with amazing domain extensions at a reasonable price. 

Along with domains they provide SSL certificates, hostings, and emails at a moderate price not only that their hosting solutions are also handy because they are all packed with top-class features.

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GoDaddy Hostings Features:

  • Professional domains.
  • SSL. 
  • Business email.
  • Shared hosting.
  • Business hosting 
  • Manage WordPress hosting
  • eCommerce hosting.
  • VPS hosting. 
  • VPS is fully managed.
  • Dedicated server.
  • Dedicated server fully managed.
  • Reseller hosting.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Local language support.
  • WhatsApp chat support.
Let's see which hosting company professional bloggers recommends. 

Let’s learn more about the differences.

Which is better, MilesWeb or Godaddy?

Which is the best between HostGator and MilesWeb?

1. Our Telegram Channel Case Study On MilesWeb And GoDaddy Hosting Company

We created and live pulling in order to know which hosting company is providing better results in terms of handling traffic and investment.

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And we got that amazing result here are you can see the votes

  • 48% Votes For Hostinger.
  • 24% Votes For GoDaddy.
  • 70% Votes For Bluehost.
  • 11% Votes For MilesWeb.
  • 0% Votes For  HostGator.

2. Customer Support 


Today I was reading some reviews on Quora. Few people were very rude to MilesWeb‘s customer support because they don’t provide quick solutions. 

However, as a branded hosting company in India, they always look to improve, and we can expect some massive improvement in this part.

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On the other hand, GoDaddy’s customer support is great. They offer:

  • Call support
  • Live Chat Support
  • WhatsApp support 
  • Email support
4.5 Stars4.6 Stars

3. What is the difference between MilesWeb and GoDaddy?

Milesweb WordPress Hosting: GeekGoDaddy Unlimited Web hosting Plan
Price 425/month for 1 year.599/ month for 1 year.
Let you host only 3 websites.25 websites
Unlimited bandwidth.Unmetered Bandwidth.
Free domain.1-year Free domain for all your sites.
Unlimited email.Free professional emails.
Unlimited SSD disk space.SSD
WordPress optimized.1 Click WordPress install.
Unlimited MySQL database.50 databases
cPanel + 1 click installer.cPanel.
Free SSL.Free SSL.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee.30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
Not Mentioned.

Comparison Of VPS Hosting Of GoDaddy and MilesWeb:

MilesWeb V3GoDaddy 1vCPU
630 /month.509/ month For 1 year
50 GB SSD disk space.40 GB SSD disk space.
1 Dedicated IPonly 1 additional IP available.
Free control panelcPanel, CPU Linux.
500 GB bandwidth.Bandwidth not mentioned.

Comparison Of WordPress Hosting:

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting: MultiGoDaddy WordPress Hosting: Deluxe
425/month for 1 year.379/month for 1 year. 
Hosted Unlimited sites with a free domain.SEO optimizer.
Unlimited bandwidth.Malware scanner.
Free Domain.Free domain.
Unlimited space.40 GB storage.
Not Mentioned.Handle 100K traffic monthly.
free SSLFree SSL certificate.
Unlimited Business Emails.Free business email.
Website builder.Website backup protection.

4. Who is the best reseller hosting provider in India? Is it GoDaddy or MilesWeb?

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting with WHMCS: Jupitar Godaddy Reseller Hosting (WHMCS) Grow
2415/month for 1 year.3299/month for 12 months
Unlimited email accounts.Business email is free for 1st year.
30C panel accounts3 CPU 6 GB RAM
Unlimited MySQL databases.Automatic WordPress updates
Free WHMCS120 GB storage
host 30 domainsFree SSL
unlimited band withUnmetered Bandwidth.
free SSLfree cPanel/WHM.
Softaculous App InstallerExpert 24×7 customer support.

Why should I choose MilesWeb reseller hosting Over GoDaddy Reseller hosting?

If you want to do a reseller hosting business locally, we recommend going for MilesWeb hosting because you will get local language support along with phone call support, and it will be very easy to handle.

But, if your aim is to get international customers by doing reseller hosting business, you can go with GoDaddy.

They have a separate YouTube channel for reseller customers, and also you will get amazing features at a reasonable price.

How is MilesWeb hosting company in terms of speed? Is it more reliable than HostGator, Bluehost, and GoDaddy?

5. CMS Platforms


  • WordPress.
  • Drupal.
  • Joomla.
  • Magento
  • phpBB.


  • Professional domain extensions.
  • SSD storage.
  • Free SSL.
  • Business email.
  • E-Commerce support.
  • One-click migration tool.
  • Latest PHP version.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Amazing 24/7 customer support.
  • Drag and drop website builder.
  • WordPress support.
  • WHOIS protection.
  • INR payment support.

6. Host A Website?

How To Host A WordPress Website On MilesWeb?

Installing WordPress on MillesWeb Vs Installing WordPress on Hostinger

To host the WordPress website on MilesWeb, follow these steps: 

Don't get confused between and
  • Login to your cPanel.
  • Then find Softaculous app installer. 
  • Click on WordPress.
  • Choose your domain choose protocol.
  • customize the blog title, description.
  • Create a username and a powerful password.
  • Then Click on Quick Installation.
Hpanel of Hostinger is super easy to use rather Than cPanel of Milesweb

How To Host A WordPress Website On GoDaddy?

Installing WordPress using cPanel on GoDaddy is a bit hard, and it takes much more technical work as compared to other hosting platforms.

These are some easy steps to be followed

install wordpress on godaddy 2 install wordpress on godaddy 2
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  • Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  • Then go to your Product Page.
  • Look for web hosting and click on Setup.
  • Then choose your domain.
  • Then select a data center location as per your targeted customers.
  • Ignore the creator’s WordPress website by clicking: Not Now, Thanks.
  • You can create a professional email here, but you can skip it.
  • Automatically, the process will be finished and successful.
  • Click on go to the dashboard.
  • Click on cPanel from your dashboard.
  • Now scroll down to web applications.
  • Find out WordPress as a content management platform.
install wordpress on godaddy install wordpress on godaddy
  • Now click on install the application on the top right side.
  • Now fulfill these options.
  1. Choose domain.
  2. Directory.
  3. Version.
  4. Language.
  5. Automatic update.
  6. Administrator Username, password.
  7. Website title.
  8. Website tagline.

7. Knowledge Base:


MilesWeb has YouTube channels and blogs to provide the information that you need to know.

But, their YouTube videos are too small. However, blogs are informative and valuable.

The best thing is that they provide unlimited FAQs related to web hostings.


When it comes to providing knowledge and information about domains, hostings to customers, GoDaddy is one of the best knowledge providers on the Internet. They have YouTube channels.

  • GoDaddy.
  • GoDaddy Pro.
  • GoDaddy Studio.
  • Godaddy Reseller Team

Not only that, they have separate subdomains to provide certain types of information and knowledge.

They provide all types of information to start a website such as

  • Website designing.
  • Online marketing.
  • Web designing tool.
  • Website builder.
  • How to start a blog.
  • How to start an eCommerce business.
  • Themes and plugins for your website.
  • How to make money through your blog.
  • Blog posts, content writing, SEO.

8. Advantages and Disadvantages of GoDaddy and MilesWeb:

Pros Of MilesWeb

  • MilesWeb local company.
  • They have amazing features at a cheap price.
  • Offer free domain and free SSL.
  • Local language support.
  • They provide all types of hostings.
  • Offer cPanel and WordPress.
  • Live 24/7 chat support.

Cons Of MilesWeb:

  • They are still a new hosting company and don’t have that much popularity in the market.
  • Still, they are not a brand yet.
  • Need professional teams.

Pros of Godaddy

  • Best domain registered company.
  • Free SSL provider.
  • Offers all types of professional domains along with Subdomains.
  • Professional email provider.
  • Provide all types of hostings.
  • Provide decent features in hostings.

Cons Of GoDaddy:

  • They charge extra for features that you can get absolutely for free with other hosting companies.
  • GoDaddy is overpriced.
  • Their hosting service is not as powerful as they show.

9. MilesWeb and GoDaddy Alternative Hostings:

What Are The Alternative To Milesweb and GoDaddy?

They are the best web hosting company when it comes to shared hosting, and it is recommended for every new blogger and website owner.

#GoDaddy#MilesWeb: Best #shared#webhosting company in India.

But, If you are looking for an Indian wave hosting company, there are several web hosting providers: 

  • Onohosting.
  • YouStable.
  • Bluehost.
  • DigitalOcean.
  • Hostinger.
  • Hostgator.
  • Hostarmada.
  • Namecheap.
Read More About OnoHosting and YouStable as India's Best Shared Hosting Provider.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why you should not use GoDaddy?

They charge extra for a few common features that every hosting company offers absolutely free of cost. That is not fair.

Is MilesWeb a fast web hosting provider?

Yes. They offer SSD storage and worldwide data centers in every continent. That makes a website fast.

Last Few Words:

I hope this little piece of content will help you to pick a perfect web hosting company.

Creating a website gets easier when you choose a reliable hosting provider.

So, when are you going to choose a Web Hosting company?

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