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How To Create A WordPress Website Like Reddit [without coding] in 2022?

How To Create A website Like Reddit 2 How To Create A website Like Reddit 2

Do you want to create a community site like Reddit that surprises 1 Billion page views per month?

You know that quote by Warren Buffett” Your network is your net worth”. So why not create a social networking website when the popularity of the internet is getting louder and louder.

So, there is not a single question-not to create a forum, or community website for you. But how to create one? Do you need to know Web Development, Web Designing, or is there any platform from which you can create your own community website readily?

Don’t worry, just chill. I will take you through a mind-blowing, step-by-step, beginner guide where we will create, design, and also launch our multi-featured forum website like Reddit.

So, close all distractions and get a cup of coffee. Let’s start. Oh! Sorry. Cheers 🥂.

What Is Reddit?

“Reddit is an American social website and an accumulation of social content like news, text, posts, links, images, and videos, which are normally submitted by the users. “

Having a simple, easy-to-use interface, lots of users take advantage of it by submitting their posts or reacting to others by giving upvotes or downvotes.

It was founded by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz on 23rd June 2005, around 16 years ago.

How Can I create a Tumblr like or Reddit like website all by myself?

How Does Reddit Work?

Understandable, accessible features are what make it more engaging to the visitors. That’s why there are billions of monthly page views.

Normally Reddit users, also called Redditors, share images, text, links, and GIF videos and take part in long Support discussions and share their own opinions.

In fact, the topics of the discussions are huge. From technology, video games, humor, science, business news, gadgets, cryptocurrency, economy, literature, and many more.

And the best part is that visitors get the opportunity to read the viral content without signing up for Reddit.

Some of the big attributes that make Reddit more effective user friendly :

  • Subreddits.
  • Karma. (Post-Karma, comment Karma award Karma, Awarder Karma).
  • Upvote.
  • Downvote.
  • Search Reddit.
  • Accumulation of Massive communities (like technology, weather sciences, gadgets etc.)

What Is Reddit Platform Used for?

Reddit is one of the largest social media networking sites on the internet from where you can get qualified, informative answers to your question from professionals. Traffic Analytics by Similarweb Traffic Analytics by Similarweb
Image & Stat Credit: Similarweb

There are quite a few big advantages of using it. Let’s learn.

Off-page SEO:

You know getting some traffic organically from Google or other search engines is not easy. 

But using Reddit, creating an account, and sharing your content, video, or blog content, help you get massive amounts of traffic from these kinds of web content ratings and social media sites.

And it is one of the best Off-page SEO techniques.

Brand building:

If you are not building your brand, you are not doing business. Can you imagine a brand without having their professional accounts on different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube? 

So, it is one of the best ways to make your presence on Reddit which will increase your Brand Value, having those audiences remember your brand name and logo.

Traffic For Your Blog: 

For every blogger and affiliate marketer, it is hard to get visitors and convergence of sales, just after launching your site on the internet. 

But utilizing Reddit, Quora, you can get massive amounts of traffic by giving your audience apt answers in Reddit Discussion.

Professional Topics and Answers: 

Just imagine you are going to purchase a score or choose any long career path, and you don’t have any clarity. 

Then, You can ask any professionals on Reddit, and guess what, you are bound to get a valuable, factual answer.

How to build an online community product like Reddit?

Online Discussion Site: 

Reddit is just like other Chat and Forums Websites like Stack Overflow, XDA-Developers, Quora, Final Thoughts, etc. You can create your own account and get engaged with other users in deep conversations. 

Moreover, It lets you share your own opinion, giving Upvotes or Downvotes to every post absolutely for free. Many visitors from the USA, Canada, and the UK are doing the same, and it is quite engaging and entertaining for them.

Why does it get 1 billion+ page views every month? There have to be some good reasons, let’s learn about them.

  • Users can share content, links within the community and give Upvotes which is best based on the purity and efficiency of the content. 
  • Posts get viral just because of their quality, not because of their popularity. And the Karma Points make it a more transparent social website than others.
  • Users find the content of similar background to their interests. If you love technology, then you will find more subcategories(Subreddit) of it like tech & science, tech & gadgets, tech & cars, etc.

What Are The Reddit Alternative Platforms?

A content rating website like Reddit always lets you connect with the new things happening in the world.

Best Reddit alternative site in 2022?

There are some alternative social bookmarking websites like Reddit

  1. Pinterest.
  2. Quora.
  3. Hubski.
  4. Stack-Exchange.
  5. Hacker news
  6. Retalk.
  7. Flipboard.
  8. Aether.
  9. Growth Hacker
  10. Y combinator.
  11. Voat.
  12. Snapzu.
  13. 4chan.
  14. Imgur.
  15. Steemet.
  16. Digg.
  17. 9gag
  18. Mix.
  19. Headcycle 

But, you know, Reddit is one of the best social news forums. Let’s learn how to create a community-based networking site like Reddit. That is why you are here.

Let’s jump into the process.

What are the essential features for a website like Reddit?

Before creating a Reddit-like site, we need to keep an eye on those features that will make our website exactly like Reddit.

Required Features: 

  • Mobile responsive and user-friendly.
  • Flexibility for the registered user to upload posts, links.
  • Joining into any conversations.
  • Commenting system.
  • Voting system (Upvote or Downvote).
  • Trending stories bar.
  • Widget ready.
  • Trending tags
  • Recommended stories.

Now there are five action-taking steps. Let’s concentrate on these-

  1. Brand Building.
  2. Perfect CMS Platform.
  3. Choose Damian.
  4. Perfect Hosting.
  5. WordPress Theme.
  6. Page Builder.
  7. Customize.
  8. Launch Your Site.
Best domain, hosting, theme, template, plugin for building a site like Reddit

1. Brand Building: 

Your brand determines how the visitor’s customers are going to interact and engage with your contents and products.”

First, make a plan for creating a brand.


Because you are not going to create a single website but a website with a full network that will be connected to every single social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The active presence of Reddit is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms with millions of followers. You have to follow the same process.

Best free website builder for building a website like Reddit

For a real-life example, the majority of Redditors don’t know who created Reddit or when?

But they do know how to use it properly.

How to create a brand?

  • Select a perfect, catchy, rare name for your website.
  • Create a unique logo that remains on your visitor’s mind.
  • Pick a catchy color having an effect on psychology.
  • Design your website with a user focus.
  • Create a trustworthy tagline.
  • Make a perfect presence across all social media platforms.
Every user is looking for viral news of technology, movies, weather, stock market, option down. So why not make a site like Reddit, Hacker News, GrowthHackers,9Gag? 🤓👩🏻‍💻

2. Choose the Perfect CMS Platform For Building Reddit:

What is CMS?

The full form of CMS is Content Management System. A CMS platform lets you create, customize and launch sites, managing the contents conjointly, without writing a single code. 

From a beginner to advanced, anyone can manage their website and content, provided they choose the best CMS platform.

It is like driving a car smoothly without knowing the mechanics like engine, gear, all these things.

So what is the best CMS platform on the internet?

There are quite a few best CMS systems. But these 2 content management systems are Excellent:

  • WordPress.
  • Squarespace.

WordPress Website Builder For Reddit

Who doesn’t want to save time and energy? WordPress lets you do that even more efficiently.

It being an open-source software, which is very manageable and user-friendly, more than 60 million active users are there. Small to large business owners can utilize this platform to make their own personal branded website and start their online business.


  • Having an easy UI, it is beginner-friendly.
  • Lots of plugins to improve UI and UX.
  • Everything can be managed from its WordPress Dashboard.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Massive amount of WordPress communities.
  • Lots of free themes plugins page builders available.
  • There are massive amounts of WordPress developers.
  • Provide updates to improve security and features.
  • Lots of freelancers are available for quick fixes of your website.
  • Free tutorials are available as blog and video content.


  • Have security issues because of third-party plugins.
  • Need a bit of coding experience.
  • It takes some time to learn WordPress.
  • All plugins are not compatible.

Squarespace vs WordPress Website Builder To Build A Reddit-like Site:

Best CMS and Squarespace alternative website builder for creating a site like Reddit?

If you want to focus only on your business and content creation without having to worry about coding for a single second, then Squarespace website builder is for you.

Unlike WordPress, it doesn’t require any skills in website development and designing. You can simply focus on your business and brand building.


  • Most popular and effective CMS platform across the world.
  • Topnotch templates to increase website experience.
  • Limitless compatibility.
  • Lets you give an amazing look to your website.
  • Need to drag and drop to customize your site.
  • Best for non-technical.
  • All apps are more compatible than WordPress.
  • Top-class customer support with step-by-step guides.
  • Best platform for small business owners.
  • Enables you to migrate your site if needed.


  • Require much more investment than WordPress.
  • Not that popular.
  • As it is not a popular platform, there are not many articles and guides blogs available on the internet for free.

Above all, we are going to choose the WordPress CMS platform to create a website like Reddit because of its usability, scalability, capability, and flexibility.

How Can You Create A Website Like Reddit With WordPress?

Usually, beginners get puzzled whether to use or Though both platforms have their own benefits and cons, we must be clear before choosing any of them. vs platform for Reddit-like site

What Is is a hosting provider where you can manage your website with its own hosting service. has five hosting plans

  • Free.
  • Personal.
  • Premium. 
  • Business.
  • E-commerce.
  • VIP.

Benefits of

  • Beginners can start with the free plan just to learn website building and content management.
  • Provides 3 GB storage space for absolutely free.
  • Tons of free themes.
  • Pre Install SSL certificate.

Cons Of

  • You are not the owner of your website.
  • Limited theme support.
  • Can’t install any plugin.
  • Limited SEO control.
  • Limited analytical data.
  • Your Monetization depends on so many aspects.

What is WordPress.Org? is the real WordPress, a powerful site builder, and open-source software from where you can create any kind of website and monetize it with full freedom.

Learn More: How to Build A WordPress Website on Bluehost ?

Benefits of using

  • It being an open source software, very easy to use.
  • Unlimited free, pre-built premium themes.
  • Full theme support.
  • You can install unlimited free or paid plugins.
  • Monetizing and branding freedom.
  • Full control over SEO.
  • You can create an eCommerce Store.
  • You can utilize Google Analytics.

Cons of using

  • Need a bit of experience and practice to master dashboard.
  • Need investment according to your business size. When your website’s traffic will grow, you need to change the hosting plans.
  • You are responsible for your sites’ maintenance.
Read more about the difference between and with Infographic.

3. Domain Name:

Choose a perfect domain name to make a site like Reddit?

The first and foremost action-taking step is choosing a perfect, unique, remarkable Domain name for your website.

As we mentioned earlier, an uncommon and catchy name always gets your visitor to remember your website.

What is a Domain name, and why select a catchy Domain to create a site like Reddit?

In simple terms, the domain name is a human-readable web server address.

The reason for picking a unique name is just because in this Digital Era, there are millions of apps, websites, and social media sites out there.

And it is hard to remember any name for a long time, especially when you have just your site and a single audience doesn’t know it.

What is the best place to buy a domain name to create a site like Reddit?

We recommend the HostArmada domain registrar company. It is one of the best, most trustworthy, and most reliable domain registrars on the internet.

Built any type of website without worrying. Ignore developers or coding. Just Go With WordPress. 🥳📊

4. Web Hosting:

Now the next step is choosing a powerful, manageable hosting platform.

What is web hosting?

Website hosting is an online service that allows you to upload files of your website like text videos, images, graphics onto the internet so that anyone can access these from anywhere.

What is the best, cheap, managed WordPress hosting for creating a site like Reddit?

We recommend: going for HostArmada hosting because of its customer support and performance.

Benefits of Siteground hosting?

  • Light speed technology.
  • Beginner to advanced, anyone can utilize it.
  • Simple yet fast website building.
  • It can host small to big websites.
  • Can handle any traffic easily.
  • Trustworthy
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Anyone can manage Siteground.

5. WordPress Theme:

So, right now, we need an accurate WordPress theme that will make our site exactly Reddit-like.

To make a social site engaging, we require a perfect magazine theme that will enable us to launch our fully functional, full-featured site within a few hours.

What Is The Best Reddit-Style WordPress Theme or Reddit-like Templates For Your Website?

Well, if we start mentioning them one by one, it will take a long time. The reason is their lots of WordPress free or paid themes out there in the market.

But, here we are going to share some SEO-friendly, multifeatured themes that will help your site rank higher also boost engagement with the users.

1. Bimber Viral Magazine WordPress Theme:

Best WordPress theme for Reddit?
Image Credit: Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme & Themeforest

Bimber viral magazine theme is a perfect high-resolution, SEO-friendly, social media website that will always place you at the top of the competition without worrying about the competitor.

Key features

  • Mobile responsive.
  • Provides a powerful sharing button
  • Fully functional with popular hot trending lists.
  • Can monetize your site with multiple ad locations.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Elementor, Elementor Pro, bbPress
  • Facebook widget ready.
  • High resolution. 
  • Lightweight and search engine algorithm-friendly.
  • Gutenberg optimized
  • Provides YouTube tutorial videos.
  • Well-documented.
  • Compatibility with browsers.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Recently updated.

This is how your site will look on mobile devices.

Just go for this theme. It is one of the best, current, viral magazine themes that will build your site absolutely like Reddit.

Alternative Themes

2. UpVote Social Bookmarking Websites Theme:

Best subreddit themes
Image Credit: UpVote Social Bookmarking Websites Theme & Themeforest

Every user is looking for viral news of technology, movies, weather, stock market, and option down. So why not make a site like Reddit, Hacker News, GrowthHackers, or 9Gag?

Using an online social media WordPress theme, you will be creating more feature-full websites than hacker news or edit.

UpVote is also one of our favorite picks.

Let’s see the features of the UpVote WordPress theme:

  • Limitless colors and typography.
  • The voting system features are available.
  • Takes minimal server load to open.
  • A dedicated bookmarking site for nontechnical.
  • Responsive layout and translation support.
  • The theme automatically features the post title and thumbnail image and description from the link.
  • Easy to customize and design  
  • great customer support
  • White user analytical dashboard.
  • Well-documented.
  • Users can share stories on their profiles.
  • Trending tags.
  • Facebook comment support.
  • Report option available.

This is how your site will look on mobile devices.

It is one of the best WordPress bookmarking social sites you can go with this theme.

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3. Pitnik- Social Network social media community

Reddit web design
Image Credit: Pitnik WordPress Theme & Themeforest

If you want a minimal and cheaper social networking WordPress responsive theme then you can go for this Pitnik WordPress theme.

Key features

  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • 13 + pre-build Demos.
  • RTL version and version included.
  • Clean unique design with features.
  • Well-documented
  • Whether page event calendar page is ready
  • It comes with progress bar navigation bar simple tables notifications etc
  • 80+ widget.
  • Built with the latest bootstrap version.

6. Page Builder:

What is a page builder?

Simply to explain, a page builder is a constructor online tool with which you can design your site to give any look to your site by just dragging and dropping.

In fact, a non-designer can make a user-friendly multi-attributed website with the help of a page builder.

Recommended page builder: Elementor and Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pgae builder 3 Elementor Pgae builder 3

Elementor free version:

Elementor is a free, visual website builder plugin, with which you can customize any page or post of your website in real-time by just drag and dropping.

Who doesn’t want a full-featured, accessible, multi-layout with advanced styling on a website without writing any single code? Elementor lets you do that efficiently.

Key features

  • Real-time view while editing.
  • Lets you create complex layouts visually.
  • Very easy to use.
  • 40+ widgets like icon box, social icon, image gallery, Google Maps, space divided, etc.
  • Free design templates and blocks.

If you want to give your website a more efficient view, then go for Elementor Pro.

  • Fully compact features loaded.
  • RTL typography support.
  • Animated Headlines.
  • The terrific appearance of blog posts.
  • From Header, Sidebar, Custom Layout Pages to Footer can be created.
  • Image and video sliders, Media Carousel.
  • Custom CSS global widgets.
  • WooCommerce builder.
  • Unlimited templates.

7. Customize Your Social Share Website:

How to customize and set up Reddit and subreddit?

Using our recommended page builder, Elementor page builder, you will be customizing every single part of your website by making it more visible and appealing to the users.

But sometimes your theme doesn’t come with a handful of features that you want to add personally. At the time, you can create a child theme.

Why do you use a child theme?

To improve our site’s UI and UX, we need to add CSS files. We can do that after creating a child theme without touching the core function of the theme. 

Moreover, it will save all the customer relations after updating your theme. Read more about child themes from our dedicated guide.

There is another way to add custom CSS that is by using custom CSS plugins like Site Origin CSS, Simple Custom CSS, Simple CSS, etc.

It is where is it used there are lots of free CSS WordPress plugins, read more about Custom CSS Plugins from our separate step-by-step guide.

8. Other Handy Plugins For Managing your Reddit-like Site:

Google Analytics: It is a free WordPress plugin made by Google officially by which you can analyze and track the users. 

Sucuri: Protect your site’s health and security by boosting performance. Sucuri always scans your site and removes malware.

Advanced Ads: It is quite hard to manage your ads. But, when you have a simple ad manage plugin like Advanced Ads, it gets very easy.

Rank math SEO: One of the best free SEO tools to increase your score for free has a premium version query that will get more useful features to rank your site on any search engine.

9. Launch Your Site:

Now it is time to launch your social networking site like Reddit. Instantly, create social media accounts on every social media platform—Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. with that domain name and build your brand. 

Do proper SEO and manage your site, you will definitely get viral.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can WordPress be used to create a site like Reddit?

Yes. Using WordPress Content Management Platform will be game-changing because it is easy to use and non-technical friendly. On WordPress, you will get tons of social media content rating themes that will make your website exactly like Reddit.

Is Reddit a blog website, forum site, or social media website?

What are good ways to create a website like

Squarespace alternative for crating Reddit-like site?

Last few words:

Doing business online nowadays is very easy just because there are some platforms or tools like WordPress CMS, Themes, and Plugins.

The tool and platform we have mentioned above can be a game-changer for you, provided you utilize those efficiently.

If you want to make your Reddit-like site a brand, through business strategies, it is a perfect time.

So, Hey! You future entrepreneur, when are you going to create a Reddit-like social networking website? 🤓

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