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YouStable [Review] With Pros and Cons: India’s Cheapest Shared Hosting?

YouStable Web Hosting Review. YouStable Web Hosting Review.

Are you a noob in the online world and don’t know how to host your website?

If so, it is not obvious. As a beginner, you may get confused about Domain, Hosting, Server.

But don’t worry. In this very article, we are going to talk about YouStable, a reliable hosting company that empowers every beginner to build their website at a reasonable price.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your favorite flavor of coffee and let’s dig deeper.

And, one request: please close all those distractions and be focused.🧐👩‍💻

What Do You Think About The Youstable WebHosting Comapny?

YouStable is an economical web hosting provider which is booming and thriving in India at this time by providing cost-effective hostings to every beginner to the advanced website owner.

They started their business in 2015 and have 75000+ satisfied customers.

Their target customers are Indian bloggers. The reason is blogging is booming in India and due to COVID-19 Work From Home has become a new trend of working.

This is how they are making their business successful and as a blogger, we are also getting cheap plans.

Is YouStable A Cheap Web Hosting In India?

Generally, their web hosting offers start from 89 rupees $1.15 per month. Besides, they provide VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting.

What are the best free web hosting services for WordPress?

Not only that but also their professional and business plans come at a handy price which offers enough Bandwidth, Ram, plus SSD server with a free domain.

Purchasing any plan, you will get a free domain, free CDN, free SSL, and free premium support.

Additionally, they offer shared hosting, business, pro hosting plans, and reseller hosting as well. Even they let you join their affiliate program to make some commission.

How Was Your Experience Using YouStable Web Hosting?

Presently, YouStable is India’s number one hosting company and has hosted more than 50K+ websites worldwide. 

You know how much craze there is in India about blogging, affiliate marketing. Every second internet user wants to be a blogger. But the problem is they don’t have enough investment to do so.

This hosting company comes with cheap shared hosting plans that let you install any CMS platform like WordPress, Zoomla, Magneto to start your blogging journey.

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YouStable Hosting Features

Before purchasing anything, we must take a look at the features and benefits that we are going to get because at the end of the day we pay for value.

Customer Support

Youstable coupon code and promo code

Managing a website is not easy when you are not a developer. Also, it gets harder when you start creating content or providing service through your website because there are lots of things to do like- SEO, website designing, spying on your visitors and customers.

Now and then we get minor to major problems related to the server, cPanel, etc. At the time, you need powerful customer support.

YouStable does that. They provide 24×7×365 customer support with a dedicated and expert team that makes your online journey smoother.

You can contact the experts through call, chat, email, and you can raise a ticket.


Uptime, the word speaks itself, the meaning of it. It stands for when a website or network or a server stays up and online to the users in a given period of time.

On the other hand, downtime refers to that particular time when a server or website is down and unavailable.

Uptime is one of the best ways to judge any hosting provider. Generally, 99.9% uptime is the ratio that is recognized as a good Uptime.

Now, how about YouStable Uptime?

Well, they provide legit uptime of 99.9%, which helps you to run your business without any hassle.

Which are the best web hosting providers for 2022?

Award-winning Security

Running your business online or managing a blog is not easy because there is a high chance of Malware, DDoS, and Brute Force Attacks. 

In fact, when your website starts getting higher positions on the SERP, Hackers start keeping an eye on your website in a negative way.

Now, the ultimate solution is powerful security, which this particular company does quite well. 

They offer a triple-layer firewall powered by BitNinja security that always protects your site from any kind of cyberattacks.

Best #WordPress #Shared Hosting For Bloggers In India. 🤗

SSD Server

Youstabel vs GoDaddy

If your server is HDD based, you can’t run a successful online business because it will increase the data transfer rate that can increase page load time. 

The whole story doesn’t support Google’s SEO algorithm at all.

Don’t worry, you will get 100% support of NVMe SSD Drive which is 600 times faster than HDD and SATA drives.

User-friendly Control Panel

When you start creating content and managing the production of your website, you need to have an easy-to-use control panel

Hostinger vs Youstable

Their customer-friendly control panel will definitely boost your productivity.

Daily Backups

As we said earlier, hacking and attacks are not far away. So it is always better to take precautions than cure.

So, to make your website secure and stable, the best practice is to have a backup. They provide automatic backup of your website. Even, you can restore your website’s lost or deleted content within the last 7 days.

Free Migration

Website migration is a common thing right now, because not every hosting provider is good enough for managing your website, especially when you start attracting a good amount of traffic every day.

If you go with this company they have a dedicated team to help you migrate your site absolutely for free. 

They do know how important your content is and most importantly, your ranking factor on the SERP and SEO.

WordPress Support:

Which is the free hosting provider company in India?

This company provides a WordPress CMS platform with just one click installation. All you have to do just to install WordPress and log in to your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress. Com vs WordPress. Org

Here we are talking about You may get confused. So read this guide where we have explained why you should choose the .org platform. vs 

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders by which you can manage your website easily. Right now, there are around 40% WordPress-powered sites on the internet.

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Free Domain

Just imagine you are investing a good amount of money in purchasing a hosting plan from a reliable company. But they don’t provide a free domain. What will you do?

You will have to go to another company to purchase a domain and also have to connect that to your hosting. Besides, there is too much headache for nameservers.

Free SSL

To keep users’ data secure, you must need an SSL certificate that verifies ownership of the website and prevents attacks.

There are a number of companies that charge separately for SSL certificates, but this company offers an SSL certificate absolutely for free.

You will get a free SSL with any plan, even if you purchase the starter plan.

Branded Email

Not having a branded email means you are not doing your business professionally. You must have a branded email with the name of your Domain.

Now, the best thing is that this company offers branded email absolutely free.

In fact, You get 2 business emails with their starter plan. Purchasing their professional plan you will get 15 emails and with Elite plans Unlimited emails.

unlimited web hosting india 2022

Now let’s see what plans they offer

DA Start

DA Start plan is best for beginners because you will get all features at a cheap price. Not only that, they are offering a 70% discount.


  • Starts from 89  per month.
  • You Can host 1 website.
  • 1 free domain.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 1 GB Ram with 50 GB bandwidth.
  • 5 GB in NVMe SSD server.
  • 2 professional emails.
  • Daily backup.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Lite speed web server.
  • 99.9% Uptime.

You know the competition and the online what is getting higher and higher. At this time, Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in making your business successful.

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Their shared hosting provides a search engine optimization plan, and also you can host and manage more than one domain.

DA Professional 

DA Professional plan is best for pro website owners who are getting thousands of organic traffic from Google. Henceforth, they need a powerful plan, otherwise, their server won’t be able to handle the visitors and websites will crash.

  • Host 10 website.
  • Provide one free domain and a free SSL certificate.
  • 50 GB NVMe SSD server.
  • 3 GB ram with 250 GB bandwidth
  • daily backup.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Lite speed web server.
  • 99.9 % Uptime.

The best part of this plan is that you can host 10 websites, and you get 250 GB Bandwidth, which is too good and can handle the massive amount of visitors precisely. 

DA Elite

DA Elite would a perfect pick for the pr business owners.

When you’re doing online business like running an eCommerce Store, you cannot take any risk because one second of server down means losing thousands of customers.

Amazon losses $1.6 billion in sales, if slows down only for one second. So, always make sure you choose a perfect web hosting company and a powerful plan.


  • You can host unlimited websites.
  • Offer one free domain and SSL certificate.
  • 5 GB ram and 500 GB bandwidth.
  • 100 GB in v me SST server.
  • Daily backup.
  • Unlimited branded emails.
  • Lite speed web server.
  • Separate features for better ranking on Google

They don’t charge any extra money for backup, SSL, customer support and, provide a domain. Besides, there are two features that are paid. 

What is the best Shared Web Hosting company?
  1. Sitemap Generation will help you in indexing the pages on the search engine faster.
  1. SEO Setup for better analytics and google search results.

Is YouStable A Reliable Hosting Company?

Yes. This is an authentic hosting company and provides postings, especially for bloggers in India.

Satish Kushwaha founder of Satish K Videos YouTube channel and a popular blogger is very happy with their hosting.

Payment Support of YouStable

While paying to them, you will get lots of methods of payment, from international to National.

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Paypal
  • Net banking.
  • RuPay Card. 
  • UPI.
  • Paytm 
  • GPay.

And you don’t have to think about privacy, they are all secure and protected.

Local language support In YouStable

Normally in India, not everyone knows English properly, and you don’t have to learn. So this company separately provides Hindi language support that helps every local user to access this site easily.

Cons Of YouStable:

Web hosting plays a crucial and key role for your you always need to choose perfect web hosting service that Dubai is reliable plans offering all those needed features at a cost-effective price 

Yes, this company is India’s growing hosting company, but few experienced website owners are giving the advice to go with some popular branded hosting providers like Bluehost, Siteground, Hostinger.

YouStable vs Hostinger

Hostinger is also another best-shared hosting provider. They provide unlimited features in their premium plan, either free or very low price.  

I personally used their hosting. They offer lite fast technology and their customer support is pretty good. They provide 30 days money-back guarantee. That is legit. I got my money back within a day.

Most importantly, their HPanel is top class, unlike cPanel. It is cool, dashing yet simple. Henceforth, managing websites, domains, emails gets easier than cPanel.

They also provide good VPS and Reseller hosting. So it will be a good decision if you go with Hostinger rather than YouStable.

Besides, their YouTube Channel Hostinger Academy provides tutorials for free. Even, their few videos are in local languages like Hindi: Hostinger India.

YouStable vs Bluehost

Bluehost is WordPress’s recommended hosting provider that is providing hosting since 2003 and there are more than 2 million websites are using Bluehost.

Don’t purchase any #hosting without these features. 🤯

YouStable is best for beginners who don’t have enough money to invest, but you can go with Bluehost as they also provide plans at a very cheap price.

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Youstable vs Siteground

Sideground holds the top three places in hosting providing. But it is not recommended for beginners because their plans are costly. Apart from money, their plans have compact features. The best thing is that they provide top WooCommerce hosting.

Learn More: How to Build A Profitable Amazon like site on Siteground? 

Youstable also provides business plants but compared to Siteground round it doesn’t be that effective.

Youstable vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy is well-known for being the best domain-providing platform, and it also provides good shared hosting. However, their prices are high and don’t provide that many features.

But with YouStable, you will get needed features at a good price.

Which Is The Best And Most Reasonable Web Hosting Service Provider In India?

When you want to know about the best Indian hosting company, there is only one master blaster that is Hostinger. And, there is no doubt, just go to Google and read the reviews. Everyone will give a 5-star review about this company.

What is the best hosting provider in India?

How To Host Unlimited Website?

Is YouStable good in web hosting?

Yes. They are quite amazing in terms of shared hosting. It will be a game-changing hosting platform for every Indian blogger.

In Conclusion:

Here, we have given an out-and-out article about Youstable hosting.

As a beginner, you will get every single feature that you need to host your website, if you go with this company.

So, when are you going to purchase web hosting to start your successful online journey?

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